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I Have Very Strong Opinions

"One big continuous mediocre adventure"

Jack College
18 January 1986
My mother was a royal virgin and my father a shower of gold.

In high school, they called me "Mad Jaqk the Pirate King and Duke of Your Mom", but I've graduated and matured a bit. Now I'm Jack College, suavely attending Boston University, quite possibly the best institution named after its home town that accepted me. I'm an Economics and Political Science, and hope to one day make a living as a bureaucrat, but for now I live one College Bowl meet to the next. I dream of one day attending the National Monopoly Championships, but that doesn't seem likely for the near future.

I'd like to respond to every comment I receive, but I generally fail; many apologies for that. I also try to notice people who have added me as a friend and add them back; occasionally it slips my mind. I don't have many friends-only posts, but one never knows; I might suddenly become sexually active, addicted to cocaine, and very eager to chronicle all of my new experiences without any chance of breaking my poor mother's heart. Also, I from time to time will make small changes to old entries without acknowledgement (such as fixing a typo or improving the wording of an awkward section), which I mention here only because some people might consider that an incredible breach of blogging etiquette.

Some important links:
42, 47, al gore, alex trebek, algebra, all your base, allusions, annie hall, anti-postmodernism, asimov, back to the future, bellingham, bellingham high school, blink 182, bohemian rhapsody, books, boston university, bowling, button-down shirts, catch-22, christopher hitchens, college bowl, comedy, contrarianism, correcting grammatical errors, cynicism, dana carvey, daria, defenestration, discworld, douglas adams, dr pepper, dr pepper-flavored jelly bellies, dvd audio commentary, e=mc^2, elvis costello, family guy, fight club, futurama, geometry, girls with glasses, goggles, goldbach's conjecture, hitchhiker's guide, irony, j. alfred prufrock, jabberwocky, jay and silent bob, jeopardy, jon lovitz, ken jennings, kevin smith, knowledge bowl, litotes, livejournal, logan's run, long entries, lying to children, macaroni and cheese, mad tv, math, matthew yglesias, mickey kaus, middle eight, mixed metaphores, mocking russia, monopoly, mountain dew code red, mr. beven, mr. hubner, mr. mcquarrie, mr. saturn, mr. shockley, mr. wright, muppets, nerds, new snl, newsradio, nukees, office space, old snl, pacman, paradoxes, phil hartman, philip roth, pi, pizza, politics, portnoy's complaint, prime numbers, pseudointellectualism, quiz bowl, random quotes, ranting, red dwarf, robots, rosencrantz and guildenstern, sarcasm, saturday night live, schadenfreude, science fiction, scrabble, sega genesis, seinfeld, semicolons, slate, sleeping, snes, snl celebrity jeopardy, sonic 2, sonic 3 & knuckles, sonic the hedgehog, split infinitives, star trek, steve martin, super mario world, superosity, talking heads, tapirs, terry pratchett, tetris, the balbocean, the critic, the daily show, the fairly oddparents, the masons, the merchant of venice, the muppets, the new republic, the pseudo-intelligentsia, the simpsons, the stonecutters, the west wing, they might be giants, thwarting evil, trash, trivia, turtle graphics, useless knowledge, visual basic, weird al, woody allen, x-files, your mom,